Nine methods to repel mosquitoes

  Have you suffered the mosquito annoying before?Which kind or kinds of mosquito-repellent products will you choose among the following--the coil incense,mosquito mat,mosquito liquid and insecticide and so on?
  1. Traditional mosquito incense,mosquito mat, mosquito liquid and insecticide.
  2. You can make your surrounding become a pretective screening.You are advised to take a shower everyday in the summer,open the window at 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning,close the window and don't light a room at 5 or 6 O'clock in the evening.
  3. Also,you can use a basin or water melon to catch the mosquitoes.These two kinds methods don't have any toxic side effect.It is very suitable for people who are sensitive to mosquito incense and the ingredients of repelling mosquito.
  (1)In the morning and early evening,at first you close the door and window,and take a basin to coat some water and soap on it.Then you can carry it to move quickly in the air,just like catching the insects.It could produce instant result that the bottom of the basin stick some mosquitoes.When you stand in the place where there are so many mosquitoes,only for a few minutes,you could stick lots of them.And then you could wash the basin by water,and the mosquitoes are washed into the water drain.
  (2)Take half watermelon peel,pour a little water in it.Before you go to bed,you could place it in the place where the mosquitoes often come and go.When you get up, you could find that there are so many mosquitoes inside the watermelon peel.Then you should take an old towel or newspaper to cover it,and throw them away.
  These methods have strong effects on the indoors mosquitoe swarms.
  4. You can also use of the mosquito-sticked belt,produced by Zhejiang Confidence Daily Industry Co.,Ltd.. This product,made of chinese herb,has effective functions to stick and repel mosquitoes.Moreover,it is a hurtless and nontoxic green environment-friendly product that we,as the first manufacturer,produce it in our country.
  5. Burning incense at the door.When the darkness comes on,there are so many mosquitoes and insects around the doors and the screen windows.They are all waiting to swarm into rooms when you open the door.And then,you could burn an incense at the door to make the mosquitoes without places to go.By this way,you are not afraid to let them go into your rooms when you open the door.
  6.Screen windows.You could build the screen in your windows.Although the screen window is traditional,it can reach the purpose that the insects can not go into the room if you have the screen window.
  7.Drop some chinese cooling oil on the mosquito mat.The effec of repelling the mosquito could be better,if you do this way.
  8.Get help from the air-conditioner.When you get off the work in the early evening,you could open the air-conditioners in every room to make the indoors temperature lower.At the same time,you open one door,then the mosquitoes will antomatically fly towards ourdoors.You ought to close the doors and windows in 20 minutes,then you could get the mosquitoes away from the indoor.
  9.Electric vacuum cleaner.At first,you need to start the vacuum.And then,you take the vacuum to get close to the mosquito.At once,the mosquito will be absorbed by the cleaner.The advantage of the vacuum is that it can kill the mosquitoes so quickly,clearly,and economicly.
Of course,the first step is that you must find the mosquitoes.