Does the sanitizing incenses have any effect o

  In our country,burning incense has a long history.In the Eastern Han Dynasy,it came into our country as the Buddhism was introduced.At that time, burning incense was usually used in various ceremonies in the temples and the folk.And now,the incenses are still used in the temple for worshipping the gods,but many families like to use the sanitizing incenses for disinfecting and sterilizing the indoor air,in order to improve the indoor air condition.At present,there are many kind of sanitizing incenses in the market.Their qualities are different because of their different raw materials.Most of them are made of the scented plants,complex fragrantsubstances,and the medicines with the functions of sterilizing and disinsectizing.The sanitizing incense,which is made of natural scented plants,has the function of disinfecting,sterilizing,preventing and curing diseases,and also has preservative effects.If you use the sanitizing incense made of natural sandal wood,its pleasant flavour can make you pleased,clear-head,and stable-mood,also can produce good mental effect.Therefore,the sanitizing incense,with good quality and which is made of the natural scented plants,not only can be used at home,but also can be applied in some public places,such as hospital,school,hotel,museum and so on.When you use the sanitizing incense,which is made of the chemical synthetic fragrantsubstance and the medicine of sterilizing and disinsectizing,you should pay more attention to prevent the danger that the flavour and medicine bring.Many aromatizers may bring some harms for the nervous system,blood system,breath system,and digestive system in different degree.So,in the room with bad airing,it is not good to burt incense too much.It had better to burn an incense once in a room.If your room has strong and abnormal smell,you should air the room and interchange the air,and expel that smell,then burn incense.If you don't do this before burning the incenses,you actually make the air pollution more serious,and it is easier to make the harmful substance go into human body.
  People has been expecting the green product to come out,that is not harmful for the human body,can purify the air.And now,this kind natural,green,and environment-friendly product comes out.Our company successfully developed the sanitizing air incense in October,2001.This product can help you remove soil and sterilize,and its flavour can last for quite a long time,also it is no poison and no harm and it is one of the green environment-friendly products.It is suitable to be used in the bedroom,hospital,corridor,sickroom,hotel,hall, bathroom,some places of entertainment(dance hall,bar, beauty salon)and space place.If you could ofen burn the incense,(one in the morning and one in the evening), the flavour will surround you all day long.It is good for your health,and purify the air and environment.        Especially, it is better for the women, children, and the old.