The knowledge to prevent mosquitoes.

  1.You are advised to take a shower everyday in the summer.The amino acid in human blood combines with the lactic acid,which produces a matter -- complex amino acid mixture.This matter combines the sweet amine in the sweat,which can produce trimethyl-amine.As the trimethyl-amine increasingly excretes,you could attract more bitting from mosquitoes.Therefore,you should often take a shower in the hot day,pay attention to your personal hygiene,in order to reduce the mosquitoes'coming.
  2.You are advised not to wear the black clothes.Mosquitoes are used to acting in the darkness.If you are in the white or light-colored clothes which have stronger effect of reflecting light,it can help you to repel mosquitoes.So,mosquitoes like to bite the people in black clothes,especially in jeans.
  3. Mosquitoes tend to bite the women fiercely.
Generally speaking,mosquitoes like to attack the femen very much.Because they are usually induced by female hormone favor and their body favor.You are advised to use Changhong Spray Disinsect Water,inorder to break their smell.
  4.You could plant some plants and flowers at home,such as evening primrose,peppermint,balsamine,basil,jasmine flower,milan,tomato and so on.When mosquitoes smell their flavours,they must keep away,which could reach the effect for repelling mosquitoes.
  5.Often eat garlics and vitamin B1,wash closes with liquid bleach at fixed period,or open the cover of the chinses cooling spirit and hundred flowers oil.As mosquitoes are in fear of the flavor of these things,they would avoid when smelling,which can also reach the mosquito-repellent effect.
  6.Putting the castor leaves in the underdrains and cesspools,can help to kill mosquitoes'babies.