How do you distinguish poisonous mosquito-repelle

  The poisonous mosquito-repellent incense is made of 666 medicinal powder,223 agricultural chemicals,the DDT organic phosphorus agricultural chemicals and other chemical pesticides.Its smog is harmful to human health,and frequently using can cause dizziness,sickness,poisoning and so on.The low poisonous mosquito-repellent incense is mainly made of pyrethrin and its smog can paralyze the mosquitos'nerve and cause them death,and is harmless to the human body health.The methods of recognizing the security of the mosquito-repellent incense as follows:
  1. First,look at the appearance:the safe mosquito-repellent incense has fine processing,its color and luster is even,its anti- flex capability is strong and it can keep the lighting time as long as 7 - 8 hours or so.The poisonous mosquito-repellent incense is easy to break off,or it can not reach lighting time and flame out on the way.
  2. Second,smell the flavor:The smog is not thick when lighting mosquito-repellent incense made by herbal medicine or pyrethrins,you can smell fragrance,you won’t feel pungent,dizzy.But when you are lighting the DDT mosquito-repellent incense,you will smell something like camphor ball,you may fell dizzy after a long time.
  3. From the lighting to distinguish:When we light up the incense made of pure pyrethrum with a match,we could see yellow fire and white smoke; while the porsonous incense is on fire,there are green flame and black smoke.
  4. From the ashes:After the pyrethrum incense is ignited,its ashes show white and gray.In contrast,the poisonous incense’s ashes is black.
  5. From the disinsection effect:The pyrethrum incense
has obvious poisonous effect on mosquitoes and after lighting up,we could not easily see the mosquitoes flying about and battering about in all direction.However,after lighting up the poisonous incense,there are many mosquitoes flying about and battering about,and the drug effect is not better than the pyrethrum incense.
  The chinese medicinal herbal mosquito incense, produced by Zhejiang Xinxin Daily Industry Co., Ltd, is made of plant Artemisia leaf, grass,and Atractylis ovata and so on.It has not only very strong effect for repelling mosquitoes,but also can make you clear-headed and smooth breath.Especially,it is suitable for the places of the old and children.