How to use the mosquito incense for mother-to-

  In hot summer,it is not better for the prepared mother.They must be in their lowest mood if they are disturbed by mosquitoes in the evening.How can they avoid this kind of irritating situation?The exper suggests that prepared mothers use mosquito-repellent incense besides screen doors and windows.The following are introductions that experts make about the mosquito-repellent incense and its usage:
  Prepared mother can choose the mosquito incense to use,but it must be chosen and used in correct way.There are three kinds for the incense:coil mosquito-repellent incense,mosquito mat,and mosquito-repellent incense fluid.The coil mosquito-repellent incense may irritate respiratory system to certain degree,so it must be used in well-aired environment.Therefore Prepared mother can not use coil mosquito-repellent incense.Mosquito mat is the most ideal product at present,colorless and tasteless,at the same time,filtering of cotton paper could cause few side effect.It is used in the room or in the room where has air conditioner.Mosquito-repellent incense fluid is similar to mosquito mat,but is less popular.The validity of mosquito-repellent incense fluid can reach 300 hours.Therefore,prepared mothers can all use the both.
  Application method:You must pay attention to good airing and the amount of using that must conforms to the requirement. Airing means that you can not shut tightly windows and doors without air moving.The amount is 15 m2 in one piece,and the room is too big to achieve the drug efficacy.On the contrary, if the room is too small,the density is too high,which will do harm to our health.
  After using mosquito mat ,you must wash your hands.Because it includes machine solvent,which can stick to the hand.Therefore,washing hands is hygienic request.