What we must pay attention to when burning incense

  In the hot summer,many families like to burning mosquito-repellent incense.Usually,the flame of mosquito-repellent incense is too small,so it is not easi to bring people's attention.It is proved that lighting mosquito-repellent incense can bring the fire and bring about serious result,if we don’t pay attention.The temperature of the heart of the flame of lighting mosquito-repellent incense can achieve 200 ℃ - 300 ℃,such high temperature surpasses ignition temperature of family daily things,like cotton fabric,paper,lumber.Therefore we can not lower or relax our guard.
  We must pay attention to following several aspects when burning mosquito-repellent incense:
  1. Burning mosquito-repellent incense must be put on the metal support or metal plat,far away from tables,chairs,beds,mosquito nets and other inflmmable things.   2. Burning mosquito-repellent incense must be put on the place where it is not easily knocked down by people or blown down by the wind,laying aside wind direction.
  3.It is not suitable to light mosquito-repellent incense in the room where there are flammable liquid (gasoline,ethyl alcohol and so on) and flammable gas.
  4.Before sleeping,you must pay attention to the mosquito-repellent incense.After inspecting the lighting incense,to make sure the safety,you can go to bed.