Mosquito net is the best way for baby to defend

  As the weather becomes hotter and hotter,the mosquitoes start increasing.Bitten by mosquitoes,it is easier for the baby to suffer the infectious disease.So,avioding the bitting is more important for the baby.The active ingredient of the mosquito-repellent incense is an insecticide,usually,which is pyrethrins with little poisonousness.However,there are some manufacturers choosing the other pesticides to produce the incense,such as the organo-chlorine,organo-phosphorus,and carbamate and so on.These kinds of the incense have more stronger effect to repel the mosquitoes,but relatively they bring larger poisonousness.Generally speaking,these incenses,which could act within 10 to 20 minutes,have more piosonousness.So,it is better not to use the mosquito-repellent incense in the baby room.
  As we know,the mosquito mat with very small poisonous substance,is safe to the adults,but,it had better not use it for the babies.For their prosperous metabolism,it is better not to use for a long time.It is forbidden to spray the pesticide in the baby room.If needed,you are advised to open the window to keep a good air condition.Therefore,the best way,by which you could repel mosquitoes in the baby room,is physical method,such as screen window,screen door,or mosquito net,etc.Also,you would use the sticking mosquito belt,with the nontoxic,tasteless,and sanitary feature,which is produced by Zhejiang Confidence Daily Industry Co.,Ltd.