How to use the Changhong Electric Mosquito Mat

  Often, some consumers complain that the mosquito-repellent effect of the mat they purchased,is not too ideal,and loudly shout"We were taken in,deceived".In fact,exluding the quality reason,the mosquito mat can not meet the customers'desired effect,which also has relations to method of consumer's application.
  1.When using,you should tightly put the pill to the hot plate of the mosquito killer,if not evenly enough,you could use hand to pull the pill evenly,to make it to stick on the hot plate completely,only in this way can the pill be heated evenly,the drug efficacy can be fully play out.
  2.The mosquito killer should be put aside two meters apart from the human body,at the lee side and lower position.When heating pill through electricity,you should close the window and door,to reduce the air flowing in room.About 30 minutes later,open the window,then you can obtain desired effect of killing mosquitoes.You could also install the screen doors and windows,in order to prevent mosquito entering the room.
  3.The active ingredient of the pill can play the mosquito-repellent role only between 155 ℃ and 175 ℃.If the color of the pill doesn’t change or changes slightly,which means that temperature of the plate is not high enough to make the active ingredient of the pill doesn’t display fully,can’t take actions of driving and killing mosquito.Now,the consumer should replace the PTC constant temperature heating element or replace electrode.
  4.When mosquito killer are used in second year or third year,it is often affected by damp and cold because of laying aside inproperly in winter,which cause that the heating element can not achieve defined temperature,the active ingredient of the pill can not display normally,thereby lower the effect of killing mosquito.
  Finally,tell you a key:Do not discard the pill after using it.You can preserve them in the dark-colored bottle or in the plastic bag.When the pills were accumulated up to a certain number,may tear the pills into pieces,light them,then blow out the blazing fire and transfer it to the corner of a wall to smoke the mosquito with smog,the effect is remarkable.This method can also be used in the room when the mosquito is too many when the power is cut off or after the rain.
If you have touched the mosquito mat by hands,should washyour hands clean by soap.Because the mosquito mat contain the organic solvent,which can stick onto the hands.Washing hands,just as one kind of hygienic request,is not poisoned.